Cheryl Karina Bromfield

EXTRAordinary YOU, a fearLESS force to be reckoned with!


Women & Community

Reaching women who struggle with fear, overcoming anxiety or other mental health setbacks like a poor sense of self.  It’s these women, through a Biblical lens , who desire to level up, overcome and restore their soul through uplifting engagments virtually, one-to-one  life-changing women’s events.


The power of the written creative word poetically, non-fiction  stories and/or short stories that have the ability to heal, uplift and soothe the soul.  Support is available for those who seek a writing coach/partner or who desire a creative work in the voice and style with the greatest impact. 

Wellness & Mat Pilates

Honouring the physical body or temple of Yah (God) is to eat and hydrate well and exercise with a goal to de-stress, re-focus, centre and challenge at the core.  Mat pilates is the gift offered to build the abdominal muscles, align the spine, connecting body and mind setting a solid foundation as we age.

Hello! I'm Cheryl

I’m a passionate woman of faith with a mission to inspire you to live like the gorgeous butterfly you are, to soar fearlessly in all areas of your life.   With every fibre of my being I want you to conquer your fears, be a stronger communicator, setting boundaries and/or pursuing your dreams in your fullness in the spirit of how the Creator views you. When you understand He SEES you and how He sees you, anything is possible!

While I’ve been educated in the fields of both Communication and Education, I’ve always desired to expound on those skills in the area of wellness. I’m a Certified Yoga and Mat Pilates Instructor, in the classical style.   Through the Trifecta Training Institute, I’m a trauma-informed pilates instructor,  always on a path of leveling up my teaching experience to serve you and become more trauma-informed, catering to life beyond the mat.

Mat Pilates is the sole practice I’m committed to sharing with you for I believe core health is paramount in the long-term, as we age, as it’s beyond mere flexibility.

One-to-one is very important to me because I believe it gives my clients a more concrete understanding of the practice and the safety protocols for their unique body.

As someone who has always battled anxiety and stress management, escaping to my mat is no doubt my refuge and writing is my sister therapy. As you check out the writing section may you further be inspired as I seek to not only inspire you but your children as well.

As a Bible believer, recently connecting with my Hebraic faith/history, strongly rooted in upholding Torah living, I love to use the original Hebrew names of our Creator being the original language of my people.  You’ll notice this representation throughout my outreach.

So, sister and fellow Daughter of Zion, if you need a space to be uplifted, inspired, empowered, assisted, get your wellness groove on, self-care regime concrete, faith restored, this is THE place!

I can only pray and hope that the joy of Yahuah that exudes through me will be felt by your heart, at the soul level.

We are in this earthly journey together, mom, sister, friend. Soar on, unto eternity!


Your Butterfly Sis,


“We retire too early and we die too young. Our prime of life should be in the 70’s and old age should not come until we are almost 100.” ~Joseph Pilates


In international best selling author, Gaby Abdelgadir’s latest release, Book on Discrimination, Cheryl Bromfield had the honour of contributing her discrimination story entitled, ‘Black-on-Black Discrimination’, in Chapter 2, pages 18-21. 



book coverI See A Jewel I See You is Cheryl’s first upcoming self-published project.  This is the unforgettable story about a 7 year-old with an old soul named Jewel.

It tells a story about what it means to be seen when you don’t feel that you are and it’s an exploration into who Jewel discovers she is, Biblically via a dream.

Have a look and if you’re interested in a copy and future updates do connect so you can be added to the pre-order list!

An exciting memoir style adult-read will follow filled with relatable stories that will prove to empower you in all areas of your life.

POETRY by Cher:

She Stands Tall

and more…copies available


Are you struggling with finding the right words to write a speech, poem, eulogy or something that needs to have a personal, creative touch?  


I offer consultations to aid you as a writing partner in the brainstorming process, offering suggestions for a more creative or personal touch so that your words have the impact you intend.

PHONE CONSULTATION (30 minutes):  $50



Each Follow-up Phone Consultation or In-person Meeting: 50% off the regular fee.


If you have a vision for your own published work and require someone to co-write it, don’t hesitate to reach out.  This is a unique request based on the details only you can provide before a quote can be provided.  It requires a thorough one-to-one consulation to determine your vision and needs.


Reach out if you’d like me to conduct a presentation or lead a round table discussion for you or speak at your upcoming women’s ministry event or child/youth ministry outreach.  I’d love to offer my experiences, my journey of faith over fear and incorporate wellness/fitness too!


AMAZIAH’S SOULderShe Women’s Empowerment events is a time for discussion, fitness, healthy cuisine and special gifts/prizes. Upcoming events will be posted here.  Such events seek to create an emotional safety net and space to discuss issues or subjects often ignored, suppressed or misunderstood, including:

How Can My Fears Become My Victories?
Loving the UnLOVEable
Finding Your INner Sanctuary
The Many Faces of Co-dependency
It Is Well With My Soul?
RIZIng Through Grief
How to Be a Boundary Boss
Healing for the Empath

And more… 

What is Mat Pilates?

It’s a form of exercise that strengthens and lengthens your entire body, focusing on your core muscles and also training your arms and legs. It’s a practice based on the original exercises that German-born soldier, Joseph Pilates developed as a young man in the 1920s and began to teach others.

Why is this practice so revolutionizing to the mind and body?

It’s revolutionizing in that if you’re seeking to sculpt, build and tone your muscles or increase flexibility and improve your posture you’ll gain results through a series of flow exercises.  The workout will give you a long, lean look with the option to incorporate equipment such as resistance bands, weights or rings.

The goal is control and with that comes a strong concentration on form, this focus takes a special
discipline of the mind which directly impacts your body so they work in unison.

Private Mat Pilates One-to-One Session In-person & Virtually

One-to-One: 45- minutes to 1 hour                                        Rate: $70

Private Mat Pilates Small Group Session In-person & Virtually

Group Rate: 45 minutes to 1 hour (2-7 students)                Rate: $60

Community Mat Pilates Class Event

Rate: $120

Additional fee if class is outside of the Durham Region

“Your whole mind, brain and sense of self is changed in response to trauma…the largest problem of being traumatized is that it’s hard to feel that anything that’s going on around you really matters.” ~Bessel van der Kolk

Everyday Wellness

FEAR =  Face Everything and R.I.Z.E.!

"The MIND, when housed within a healthful body

possesses a glorious sense of power"

... JoSeph pilates ...

My Philosophy

About Cheryl


The mind houses all of the thoughts that directly influence one's actions, the world, their environment, beliefs about themselves or others. It's important to filter out all negativity by fixating on gratefulness, uplifting themes and possibilities. Reading the Scriptures, praying, Biblical meditation can all assist with transforming, renewing and healing the mind not to mention surrounding yourself with those who uplift your soul.


The body can only be fuelled by a set of choices one makes. Such choices include recognizing once one taps into enlivening every crevice of power anything is possible.  One recognizes movement is key in order to function at peak performance each and every day. When the body moves, serotonin levels rise, blood flows, the heart muscle is stimulated and more. Preserving the body through whole, alkaline rich foods and beverages, especially water is also key to the output in everything your hand finds to do or say.


Like a growing flower rises upward to the sun for guidance, healing, infusion so it is for our soul to seek these things from the Most High. When one dives deep into understanding their inner world, the outer world wil be percieved with new eyes.  Acaquainting oneself with the soul empowers one to heal and build in relationships, acknowledge their purpose, be at peace with the past or walk in righteous living, always looking up to the Author, unto eternity.

“Lazy breathing converts the lungs, literally and figuratively speaking, into a cemetery for the deposition of diseased, dying and dead germs.”  ~Joseph Pilates

“A few well-designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence, are worth hours of sloppy calisthenics or forced contortion.”  ~Joseph Pilates

Mat Pilates Private & Community Sessions

Group Lesson

A small virtual mat class (possibly outdoor location) of up to 7 people, catering to all levels/all ages.
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Beginner Lesson

A lesson covering the basics of mat pilates in the classical style.
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Pregnant Lesson

A gentle, calming mat class considering all stages of pregnancy using necessary props to support one’s needs and comfort level.
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Core Lesson

A mat class targeting the core region, engaging these muscles through specific movements challenging stability and strength.
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Pilates with Props

A challenging lesson that uses either weights, pilates ring or exercise ball to enhance the benefits of movements for a full body workout.
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Scriptural Meditation Lesson

A gentle class that uses Scripture to empower movement holds, inspire the mind and relax the senses.
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And they shall be mine, saith Adonai of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him.


Ask Cheryl what will help you live the best life as a woman of fearLESS faith.

Classes are designed to meet participants where they are. Modifications will be displayed so that those with less experience can find an alternative to benefit from the same movement. 

YES! Periodically, mini pilates sessions will be posted on the YouTube channel, AMAZIAH WomenWordzWellness.  You can always connect with Cheryl via any one of her points of contact. An Instagram page for the Clarity Trails program participants will allow for new friendships, discussion and/or health gems.  

In the private on-line course you will learn where trauma is stored in the body. Over the 5-day period, each day a specific area of the body will be the focus. Prior to the session you will perform a body scan. Once you are aware of an imbalance, movement, consistent, focused movement in the area will bring restoration and release. 

Cheryl’s expertise is in the area of the creative word. This simply means using your visual cognition to create a picture in your listeners’ minds. This is much to do with word choice. You’ll be inspired to think outside the box of your usual vocabulary and explore new words, namely adjectives that help bring your ideas to life! 

AMAZIAH’S target audience is women, especially all Daughters of Zion who passionately embrace the Hebraic faith, striving to keep the Ten Commandments and connect to their ancestral roots to the Motherland, Africa.  It doesn’t matter where on the spiritual journey you are. It is these women who like many, wear many hats, have dealt with trauma and also love health and reading through a Biblical approach. Cheryl wants these women to know she’s in their corner.  The ultimate goal is to keep them lifted in this life, on Earth in preparation for the New Earth to come.

A portion of fees for services will go towards local foundations that support domestically abused women and their children.  AMAZIAH is in the midst of forming its own non-profit organization called JewelKeepers to aid the orphans in Africa such as the Motherly Care Children’s Home in Kenya where Cheryl conducted missionary work in 2003.  

My Clients Say...

Be inspired by women who have inspired Cheryl to be her best self.  These are EXTRAordinary souls that make faith and fitness paramount to their success!

"She Stands TALL"

I have been exploring Pilates for a while when I found out about Cheryl's class.  What made me sign up for her one-to-one was her ability to make participants feel comfortable.  She accepts her flaws, works on improving herself and gives herself grace.  If a teacher can accept that in themselves I feel like I am in the perfect place to do the same, and continue my Pilates practice.  Thank-you Cheryl!

Care Coordinator

Amazing services for women, mind, body and soul!

Mortgage Broker/Lead Sales Retail Representative

"Stand strong sisters"

It was a pleasure to meet Cher.  She took the time to understand my objectives and past practice experience to tailor a flow that was in my range and ability.   It was a positive and uplifting experience.

Director, Business and Performance Managment
Your breathing exercises have helped to reduce my stress levels.  As a woman who is a busy mother and has a career, life can certainly be stressful at times.  Your breathing techniques have helped me to calm my nerves, to reduce anxiety and achieve relaxation.  I especially like how simple, yet effective your routine is.  Even when I am not participating in your class, I find myself taking the time out in my day to practise the techniques, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed.  It's no wonder you always have a calm demeanour and are able to maintain that balance in your life!
"Your Essence is His"
Positive energy
Fun experience
ONYI Blessing
Business Analyst/Professional Chef



Connect with Me!

If we can provide you with assistance with an event or to live healthier, express yourself in the written word or simply to have a better, clearer understanding of Yah’s purpose for your life, don’t hesitate to reach out!